English Dingo

Game over! Denne bog er en oversættelse til engelsk af bogen 'Sidste stik'


I looked through the peephole, and my heart nearly stopped!
It was the man in black.
He bent down and opened the letter box.
"Hi, John. I know you can see me.
Can you see the gun I'm pointing at you?
If you move, your stomach will be all over the floor!"

A True Friend? Denne bog er en oversættelse til engelsk af bogen 'En rigtig ven?'


"I wear a track suit and look like I am on my way to play basket. I get out a gun from the bag."

"A gun? You have a gun?"

"Yes, Timmy! I have a gun. Otherwise they won't put money in my bag. But don't worry, it is a splatter gun. It is completely safe, but it looks like the real thing!"

The slave girlDenne bog er en oversættelse til engelsk af bogen 'Trælle-pigen'


He ran with the little girl in his arms.
He almost ran into a group of men coming up from the beach.
Wolf walked back holding his axe over the girl's head.
"Stop!" he shouted. "Or the girl dies."

The group of men stood still.

The island of the gods Bagsidetekst:

'They all stared into the woods, but they could not see anything.
The kitten was still hissing.

Then they saw it too!
A dark shadow!
The dark shadow ran into the woods!
They coul hear it moving through the trees.'